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8th grade students and their families are invited to drive through our side parking lot. Teachers will be there to celebrate our 8th graders as they drive through to celebrate and say goodbye!

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Pasadena ISD Distance

Learning and Grading Guidelines

The extended emergency closures caused by COVID-19 are unprecedented. There has been extensive discussion and collaboration about how to handle grades during this time of distance learning. We want to minimize the effect of changing instructional platforms and learning from home on a student’s grades and reduce the stress and worry this extended closure might cause students and their parents. However, we want to provide students with opportunities to continue their learning to prepare them for the next grade level. Grading guidelines for this time period are outlined below. Because of the shift in instruction, teachers will contact parents if a student's grades are below 70. Parents should continue to monitor grades on Skyward or through the Personalized Learning Platform. On April 24 there will be a parent callout to check student grades as a progress report. Student report cards will be distributed at the end of May.

We know that this is a challenging time for parents and students. Please communicate with your teacher if you feel that your child is struggling so that they can provide assistance as needed. Pasadena ISD wants our students to be successful and ready for the next grade level in the fall, including our seniors who are ready to launch into college and careers. Thank you for partnering with us during this challenging time.

Grades 7 through 12

Second semester grades will be calculated by averaging the 4th, 5th, and 6th six-weeks grades. Those six-weeks grades will be calculated as follows:

The 4th six-weeks grade will remain as was posted in Skyward during the traditional school setting.

With the difficult and unprecedented transition to distance learning for all students, the grades assigned for the 5th six-weeks grading cycle will be the higher of:

● The 4th six-weeks average;

● The 5th six-weeks average, as represented by work prior to spring break, on-boarding activities into distance learning, and completed distance learning assignments including Edgenuity, packet work and other activities assigned by the teacher; or

● The 6th six-weeks average.

The 6th six-weeks grade will be calculated based on the student’s learning demonstrated in the virtual learning platform and all other assignments assessed.

GPAs will not be impacted by the 2020 second semester due to the school closure.

Pasadena ISD A Distancia

Pautas de Aprendizaje y Calificaciones

La extensión emergente de cierres causada por el brote de COVID-19 ha sido inesperada y sin precedentes. Como resultado, ha habido extensa colaboración y conversaciones acerca del manejo de calificaciones durante este periodo de aprendizaje a distancia. Queremos minimizar los efectos que pueda traer el cambio de plataformas instruccionales al igual que el salto al aprendizaje desde casa en las calificaciones de nuestros estudiantes. Así mismo, queremos disminuir el estrés y preocupación que pueda ocasionar esta extensión de cierre del distrito tanto a estudiantes como a padres de familia. Sin embargo, también deseamos proporcionar oportunidades a nuestros estudiantes para que puedan continuar aprendiendo y preparándose para el siguiente nivel académico. Las pautas de calificaciones para este periodo están descritas abajo. Debido al cambio en el modo de instrucción, los maestros(as) estarán contactando a los padres si las calificaciones de sus estudiantes son inferiores a 70. Los padres deberán continuar monitoreando las calificaciones en Skyward o por medio de la Plataforma de Aprendizaje Personalizado. El 24 de abril, se enviará un comunicado por teléfono a todos los padres para recordarles revisar las calificaciones de los estudiantes como un reporte de progreso. Las boletas de calificaciones de los estudiantes serán distribuidas al final de mayo.

Sabemos que estos son tiempos desafiantes tanto para padres como para estudiantes. Por favor, comuníquese con su maestro(a) si siente que su hijo(a) está teniendo dificultades para que se le pueda proporcionar la asistencia necesaria. PasadenaISD desea que nuestros estudiantes sean exitosos y estén preparados para el siguiente nivel académico en otoño, incluyendo a nuestros seniors (estudiantes de ultimo año) quienes se preparan para iniciar sus carreras universitarias o colegiales. Muchas gracias por colaborar con nosotros durante estos tiempos tan difíciles.

Grades 7 through 12 (Grado 7 hasta Grado 12)

Las calificaciones del segundo semestre serán calculadas promediando las notas del 4to, 5to y 6to periodo de Seis Semanas. Las calificaciones de esas seis semanas serán calculadas de la siguiente manera:

El 4to periodo de Seis Semanas continuará como ya ha sido publicado en Skyward durante el entorno escolar tradicional.

Con la difícil e inesperada transición al aprendizaje a distancia para todos los estudiantes, las calificaciones asignadas para el 5to periodo de seis semanas serán las más altas de:

· El promedio del 4to periodo de seis semanas;

· El promedio del 5to periodo de seis semanas, representado por el trabajo previo a las vacaciones de Spring Break, actividades de iniciación de aprendizaje virtual y también todas las asignaturas completadas durante el aprendizaje a distancia, incluyendo Edgenuity, trabajo en copias de papel, entre otras actividades asignadas por el maestro(a).

· El promedio del 6to periodo de seis semanas.

La calificación del 6to periodo de seis semanas será calculada basándose en el desempeño demostrado por el estudiante en la plataforma de aprendizaje virtual al igual que por medio de todas las demás asignaturas evaluadas.

Los GPAs no serán impactados durante el segundo semestre del 2020 debido al cierre escolar.

 Please click here for Frequently asked questions regarding virtual learning at Miller Intermediate. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Haga clic aquí para ver las preguntas frecuentes sobre el aprendizaje virtual en Miller Intermediate.  
Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Falcon Families,

I hope that you and your families are doing well and that you are keeping yourselves safe. It is also my hope that the unexpected school closure, with its gift of time, serves as an opportunity for you to spend quality time with those who you care for the most and allows you time to create new and happy experiences together. Although we are all adjusting to the realities of social distancing, our teachers are diligently working to adapt their teaching styles in order to continue delivering quality instruction to our students.

Beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020, Miller Intermediate and Pasadena ISD will roll out a virtual learning plan that will provide instructional curriculum for our students for the duration of the time that Pasadena ISD remains closed for normal operations. Later this week, you will be contacted by your child’s teacher with more information about the curriculum plan. We will also share information about the curriculum plan through our usual platforms, including Facebook and the V.W. Miller Intermediate website. The lessons will be provided using a platform called Edgenuity and will require a computer with internet access. These are learning resources and activities that are meant to engage our students academically while learning through a virtual classroom. We will continue to take grades on the completed work and enter them into Skyward weekly. Teachers will also be reaching out to check on the availability of these resources in your home to ensure that everyone has what they need in order to be successful.

As we roll out this new method of teaching and learning, we ask that you please work with us to encourage and support your students on this path. Only through this partnership can we ensure academic success for our students. Distance learning will be new to our students and teachers alike, and we will continue to monitor and update our plan as needed.

We thank you for your support! #FALCONPRIDE

Very respectfully,

Mikie L. Escamilla


V.W. Miller Intermediate

Continue to visit the Pasadena ISD website often for updates and resources!

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