About Miller

About Miller Intermediate


We will work collaboratively to get students college ready, career ready, and world ready. 


We believe collaborative teams are the fundamental structure of the school.  Together we will: 

Use data to monitor each student’s progress and implement timely and appropriate interventions and enrichment 

Provide authentic real-world learning that engages students 

Provide ongoing resources, strategies, and information to parents and community members 

Put student needs first in all decision making 

Constantly seek out the most promising practices that support high levels of student learning 

Provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum to all students 



I will: 

Ba positive contributing member of my collaborative teams (COLLABORATION) 

Guide instruction through the use of assessment data analysis (DATA-DRIVEN INSTRUCTION) 

Engage students using personal connections, relevant examples, and creating opportunities for real-world experiences (REAL-WORLD ENGAGEMENT) 

Support quarterly meetings to provide information, resources, and strategies for parents and community members in support of student success (COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS) 

Reflect on whether my decision is what is best for students before acting (STUDENT NEEDS) 

Continually participate in professional development to provide the best educational practices to meet all our students’ needs (PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT) 

Provide rigorous, engaging lessons in a safe learning environment every day (CURRICULUM)