Boys' Athletics

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Any student wishing to play sports or participate in athletics needs to have completed a physical and brought it to Miller on or before the first day of school!  


Here is a link to print out a physical:

If you cannot print a copy of this form you can come by the school and get a copy already printed.

Here is a link to the online forms that must be completed before participating in Athletics or sports.

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Athletics Forms How-To
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*All games start at 5:00 unless otherwise noted. Game 1:		Thompson September 28th 	7A@Miller		7B@Thompson September 29th 	8A @Miller	8B@Thompson  Game 2:		Queens October 5th 	7A @Miller	7B@Queens October 6th 	8A @Miller	8B@Queens  Game 3:		Beverly Hills October 12th 	7A @BHI		7B @Miller October 13th 	8A @BHI		7B @Miller  Game 4:		Southmore October 19th 	7A @Miller	7B @Southmore October 20th 	8A @Miller	8B @Southmore  Game5:		Bondy October 26th   	7A @Miller	7B @Bondy October 27th 	8A @Veterans Mem *6:15	8B @Veterans Mem*5:00