Stress and Students

Emotion Management

Children may have concerns about what is going on, or simply be out of sorts because of the disruption in their routines. 

  • Help them name how they feel. If they can’t articulate it, state it simply for them, as in, “I get the feeling you’re worried.”
  • If one of the feelings is worry or fear, acknowledge it, and normalize it by acknowledging that they are not alone. 
  • Worry arises from uncertainty and a lack of control over circumstances. Let your child know what is in their sphere of influence to manage circumstances and the feelings they evoke. Some of this involves things like the norm-setting routines described above; some involves the steps you as a family can take to stay safe and healthy, like social distancing hand washing. Some may involve self-talk reminding that we will get through this. 
  • Distraction is helpful too. As such, set a list of acceptable diversions, like watching television for a set period. And of course, find healthy ways to manage your own emotions in these stressful times.