Miller Bully Prevention Month #falconfam

Show your Falcon PRIDE!

In Falcon country we believe in uplifting each other and creating a safe environment for everyone! 

Join our bully prevention campaign:#falconfam

Use social media as a way to promote what we stand for and how YOU stand up against bullying.  

Monday-My new friends Monday: Give 5 students you don’t know a compliment. Share the nicest compliment they gave you on social media using #falconfam
Counselor mini lesson: What is bullying? bullying vs. conflict


Tuesday-Smile and turn up on a Tuesday: Smile at 25 people throughout the day and share your selfie smile using #falconfam.
Counselor mini lesson: cyberbullying


Wednesday-What’s up Wednesday? – Give a kind handshake to 15 people throughout the day share your experience using #falconfam
Counselor mini lesson: find your voice and report


Thursday-Throwback Thursday: Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Share your story with us using #falconfam